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      Tibetan Black Quartz Crystal points

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Black Tibetan Quartz

black tibet quartz crystal point
Tibetan Black Quartz Point
some are double terminated

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Approx. Size:

small: 1/2"
large: 2"


Clear quartz with black inclusions


Protection, Healing

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Tibetan Black Quartz Points

These powerful protection crystals are found in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Nepal. This is one of the most sacred areas on Earth and these points are mined by hand by the Tibetan monks in the area. Tibetan Black Quartz are among the most powerful protection crystals. They are cleansing and can be used to purify a living space.

They make excellent meditation crystals and are quite beneficial in activating the third eye. In addition, they activate and balance the chakras. Tibetan Black Quartz brings rapid expansion of consciouness.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.