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      Quartz Crystal Wand

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2.5-3" $19.99

Six Sided Crystal Massage Wand

Crystal massage wand
Six Sided Crystal Quartz Wand

#96 $65.00


Crystal massage wand
Six Sided Tapered Crystal Quartz Wand #96
4.7" long x 1.3" thick

#97 $55.00


Crystal massage wand
Six Sided Tapered Crystal Quartz Wand #97
4.3" long x 1.3" thick


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Clear crystal


Power, Healing

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Phantom Quartz Crystal

4.5-5" $19.99

Rounded Fused Crystal Massage Wand

Crystal massage wand
Round Fused Crystal Quartz Wand

Crystal Healing Massage Wand

Increase focus and clarity

Natural quartz crystal is an important stone in magic. It brings clarity and focus to your spells. It has a harmonizing effect and restores balance to energies of various kinds.

It will help to decrease negativity. Crystal is an excellent meditation stone.

Directing energy with clear quartz crystal

Hold a quartz crystal point or wand facing inward in your power hand (right for right handed people, left if you are left handed). This creates a flow through the body that balances and clears energy blocks.

After a few moments, change the direction of the point or wand to face outward.

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#504 $95.00


Crystal massage wand
Multi faceted Tapered Crystal Quartz Wand #504
6" long x 1.2" thick at bottom

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.