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      Quartz crystal ball

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Gemstone Balls - Display Stands

quartz crystal ball

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Natural Quartz Crystal Ball

These are beautiful natural quartz crystal balls. Quartz crystal balls have been used for divination since at least medieval times.

When most people talk about crystals, they are usually referring to clear quartz. This is the "King" of the mineral kingdom, as it has so many uses. It vibrates a clear white light that contains all other colors.

Crystals that are formed into spheres symbolize the Universe and all within it. The shape of a sphere represents wholeness, consciousness, self containment - a complete and powerful self.

Natural clear quartz crystal has a remarkable energy. It vibrates all of the color frequencies of the spectrum.

Place this crystal ball in your home to:

  • Clean the atmosphere of negative energies
  • Cleanse your other stones
  • Amplify the energy of your healing stones
  • Use it as a meditation tool, aura cleansing, scrying (crystal ball gazing)

Gazing Ball (Fused Quartz Crystal Ball)

a stand is included

70mm $29.99

100mm $49.99

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100mm = 4" across


Water Clear

Gazing Ball

This optically correct fused crystal ball is ideal for scrying (crystal ball gazing)

Fused quartz is a man-made material manufactured principally from sands. It is non-crystalline, and can be made in a high purity state. The chemical name of fused quartz is silicon dioxide, or silica.

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No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.