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      Penguin - symbol of Order, Agility, Out of Body experiences, Change Reality

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

Goldstone Penguin


Goldstone Penguin
2 1/4" tall
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2 1/4" tall

Penguin - symbol of Order, Agility, Out of body experiences, Ability to change reality

Penguin is a bird who uses his wings as fins and does not fly. He is a fluid, graceful swimmer.

Penguin's ability to jump from the water and land on its feet symbolizes the ability to 'change planes' (or realities) easily. Water is a symbol of the astral consciousness, and is an important symbol in the dream dimension.

Penguins move in a very orderly fashion. If your life feels chaotic, Penguin can teach you to replace chaos with order.

Agility, order and the ability to move through the various dimensions of life are the valuable lessons you might expect to learn from Penguin.

If Penguin is your totem, you are probably a vivid dreamer who receives messages while in the dream state.



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