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      Love Symbols, love gemstones

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Love symbols

Love gemstones

Gemstone Love Symbols

The love symbols here are carved from genuine gemstones. These make wonderful gifts - the energy of the stone adds power and passion!

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Love Stones Kit

love stones pouch
Love Stones Pouch

A collection of 7 major love stones in a pouch


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rose quartz love heart
Rose Quartz Heart

When given in love, this stone is a forever 'love crystal'.

honey calcite heart
Honey Calcite Heart

Balances chakras for harmony

selenite heart
Selenite Heart

Stone of Moon Goddess Selene reconciles lovers

selenite heart
Clear Crystal Heart

Powerful cleansing crystal amplifies the energy of other stones.

jade butterfly

Love, transformation

Fire Quartz Heart
Fire Quartz Heart

Fire Quartz stimulates vitality and love.

opalite heart
Opalite Heart

Soothing stone.

love stones pouch
Himalayan Salt Heart

Soothe away tension

Rhodonite sphere
Rhodonite Sphere

Brings reconciliation and strengthens partnerships

Rose Quartz Egg
Rose Quartz Egg

Symbolizes beauty and love!

Rhodonite egg
Rhodonite Egg

Hope Stone - opens communication.

Sunstone sphere
Sunstone Sphere

Increases personal power of attraction, sexuality

Moonstone Ball
Moonstone Ball

Favorite stone of the Goddess Diana, moonstone brings passion.

jade sphere
Jade Sphere

Jade energy surrounds everything with the essence of love.

rose quartz sphere
Rose Quartz Sphere

Wherever you place a rose quartz sphere, love will gather around it!

goldstone ball
Goldstone Sphere

Thousands of sparkles of love light increase vitality!

Love Pendants...

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Rose Quartz Pendant
Rose Quartz

Love on many levels (self love, romantic, friendship)

Moonstone Pendant


Jade Pendant

Essence of Love

Lapis Lazuli Pendant
Lapis Lazuli

Opens communication for truth and honesty

Malachite Pendant

Sensuality; Balances relationships

Garnet Pendant

Strengthens trust

Sunstone Pendant

Increases sexual attraction

Rhodonite Pendant

Nurtures love and brotherhood




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