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      Carved Gemstone Lion

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

Opalite Lion

Opalite Lion
2 1/4"
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large: 2 1/4" long
small: 1 1/2" long


carved genmstones


Power, Courage, Strength

Totem Lesson:

Self control, balance, personal strength

Picture Jasper Lion

Picture Jasper Lion
2 1/4"

Lion: symbol of power, courage and strength

The Egyptians saw the the lion as a symbol of power and wealth. The lion was used on tribe banners when Moses took the Israelites out of Egypt. Today, the roar of the lion is often associated with fearlessness.

The lion has captured the human imagination for many centuries as a symbol of power and majesty. Carved statues of lions are commonly found guarding palaces, bridges, temples and tombs. The lion's strength and courage have made him a symbol of power as well as grandeur.

The lion knows how to get what he wants by knowing how to balance his life. Because of the lion's noble character, strength and courage, this lion totem represents the great power of self-control and balance in life which leads to your own personal power.

I have a friend who uses a lion totem when she is dieting to remind her that she possesses the power of self control. Whether conquering cravings or trying to make better personal choices on important matters of life - the lion has many valuable lessons to teach us.

  • Self control
  • Personal strength and courage
  • Balance


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