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      Dioptase gemstone meaning

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3 - 3.5 grams; approx. 3/4"


Vivid emerald green with a hint of blue




Power, Healing, Love

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Dioptase Stone

Dioptase is a powerful stone to awaken love and compassion and to heal emotional distress. The beautiful green ray of dioptase makes it a heart stone on many levels.

Dioptase supports the emotional heart, strengthens the physical heart and awakens the spiritual heart.

Meditate with dioptase to open your inner eyes to your higher purpose.

  • Releases emotional patterns
  • Assists in understanding roles we have played as well as the roles of others in our lives
  • Excellent stone to emotionally assist in experiencing divorce, death, or any intense family trauma
  • Stimulates forgiveness and healing of emotional wounds

Sources of Dioptase

The best quality dioptase is found in copper deposits in Russia, Namibia, Zaire, Chile, and US (Arizona).

One available of each piece below - you will receive the exact stone in the photo.

# 766
1" x .9" x .3" origin: Kaokoveld, Namibia


# 767-2
matrix 1.5" x 1.2" origin: Altyn-tyube, Kazakhstan


# 764
1" x .8" x .3" origin: Kaokoveld, Namibia


# 765 Dioptase
.9" x .4"


# 892 Dioptase
.8" x .5" origin: Kaolkaueld, Namibia


# 895 Dioptase on Quartz
.5" x .3" (dioptase) origin: Kaokoveld, Namibia


# 908 Dioptase on Chrysocolla
.7" x .6" x .3"" origin: Kaokoveld, Namibia


# 665
.6" x .4" x .3"" origin: Kaokoveld, Namibia


No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.