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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals

Opalite 2" $19.98

angel carving

Opalite Angel
2" tall
Goldstone 2" $19.98

angel carving

Goldstone Angel
2" tall

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Carved gemstone


Divine Love, Creation

Black Obsidian 2" $19.98

angel carving

Black Obsidian Angel
2" tall

Angel: symbol of Divine Love

The word "Angel" is derived from the ancient Greek angelos, meaning messenger. Angels are a bridge between Heaven and Earth, channeling God's love for us without alteration.

Angels give us magical gifts and inspiration to achieve God's intention for us. Reinforce your angelic connection by calling on the angels to use their power to lead you on a healthy, loving path through life.

Use this natural crystal quartz angel carving to remind you of God's gifts to you each day.

Rainbow Jasper 2" $19.98

angel carving

Rainbow Jasper Angel
2" tall


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